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Are You Classed as a Key Worker?

By: Emma Eilbeck BA (hons) - Updated: 15 Jan 2020 | comments*Discuss
Key Worker Mortgage Scheme Government

Key workers are not just nurses and firefighters, there is a whole host of other professions that are classed as key workers. A key worker is essentially anyone that works in the public sector and the government wants to make it easier for these type of people to be able to rent or buy a property.

Who Is Eligible

The government has produced quite a lengthy list of professions that qualify as key workers.

Most jobs within the NHS will be classed as key workers, the government defines them as “clinical NHS staff”, which means doctors and dentists do not qualify, mainly because they are already on a substantial wage and should be able to afford to buy and rent their own property.

Teachers and nursery nurses in primary schools and sixth form colleges also class as key workers. The line becomes a bit more blurry concerning headmasters and headmistresses, so you would need to check with your local authority if this applies to you.

Most police officers, community support officers and a number of civilian staff are also classed as key workers. Again, it depends on your rank and pay as to whether you are classed as a key worker, so you should check with your local authority,

Prison officers and some of the lower ranking prison staff are classed as key workers, along with probation service staff.

Professions such as social workers, educational psychologists, and therapists who are employed by local authorities such as the NHS are also seen as key workers and can apply for the scheme.

Local authority planners, along with firefighters and other staff below principal level in the fire and rescue service qualify. If you are on your way to becoming a senior level figure within the forces then you should check that you still qualify as a key worker.

Certain posts within the Ministry of Defence also fall under the scheme, along with Connexions personal advisors which are employed by a local authority.

And finally, qualified environmental health officers/practitioners who work in local authority a government agency or any other public sector agencies also qualify, some highway agency traffic officer staff are also suitable to apply for the scheme.

There are a few grey areas when it comes to who can and cannot apply for a key worker scheme, so if you think you are borderline or are not sure if you fall into the key worker category check with your local authority as to what its boundaries are.

Your Location

Unfortunately just because you are classed as a key worker it does not necessarily mean you will be able to apply for the scheme. Not all areas have a key worker scheme available.

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire all have key worker schemes available, along with Hampshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Kent, Sussex and Essex.

Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk and Suffolk can also offer such schemes.

Quite a lot of places in the North of England are excluded, this is mainly because there is a lot more affordable housing in the North of England, so a lesser need for it.

There are key worker schemes available in the North of England, but they will normally be on a lesser scale.

The government is quite broad in its description of what a key worker is, so if you fall into one of the above categories there is a good chance you will qualify for the scheme, but you should double check with your local authority.

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I am a teaching assistant.Am I classed as a keyworker or not? Will I able to buy a property in a keyworker scheme ?
SP - 15-Jan-20 @ 8:44 PM
I'm an agency nurse. Will I be legible for key worker housing?
Winnie - 30-Dec-19 @ 3:27 PM
In an agency nurse. Will I be legible for key worker housing?
Winnie - 30-Dec-19 @ 3:25 PM
I am a key worker in milton keynes, where can i find key workers properties and how can i apply for them?
Shaz - 3-Dec-19 @ 7:04 PM
I am a passenger assist driver for children am I considered a key worker and how do I find out ??
Kel - 17-Oct-19 @ 10:13 AM
I am a teaching assistant, would I qualify for keyworkers housing? If the answer is no, then why so?
Bob - 3-Oct-19 @ 5:03 PM
So junior doctors are not eligible because they are on a 'substantial salary'? This may be only around 30k a year which is less than some clinical staff. How is that fair? But the lines around eligibility for headteachers who may be on 100k is 'blurry'? Someone really needs to look at eligibility criteria again!
SLH - 3-Oct-19 @ 12:27 PM
I am a care-coordinator at a gp surgery in hammersmith hospital doing admin/managing staff/clinical support access. do I qualify for a keyworker homes. please advise kind regards Omar Hassan
OMAR - 23-Aug-19 @ 6:39 PM
I am a teacher working for a training provider delivering apprenticeships in health and social care. I also provide essential mandatory training with workshops to care staff. Do I qualify as a keyworker? Thanks
Stephanie - 5-Aug-19 @ 6:38 PM
Hi I work for a private care provider working as care supervisor to meet the needs of vulnerable adults in their own homes to encourage independent living would I qualify?
Teen - 11-Jul-19 @ 8:00 PM
I am a bus driver and start early hours so other key workers can get to work so am i a key worker as i cant get a house due to deposits and age as im 56 so can i apply?
Colin - 16-Jun-19 @ 9:15 AM
I am an Assured Shorthold tenant with a housing association under the key worker scheme and I would like to know if i have a Right to Acquire and how to go about it.
Pbee - 4-Jun-19 @ 2:22 PM
Hi I'm a passenger assist for school drop off and pick up can I be classedas a key worker?
Bb - 20-May-19 @ 6:23 AM
I work for a private neurological holy cross hospital in Surrey as a healthcare assistant. Would I qualify as a key worker ?
Sophie - 11-May-19 @ 10:07 PM
I am assisting a Home Office worker (Immigration department in Croydon Lunar House), find accommodation. Would she be eligible for a Key Worker Scheme. Thank you
The finder - 8-May-19 @ 10:28 AM
Are carers working for an agency eligible to apply? Thx!
Katie - 1-May-19 @ 4:23 PM
I work for the NHS in an informatics department. Grade 6 admin and clerical. Am I key staff?
Sharon Smith - 12-Feb-19 @ 3:12 PM
I am a Dental nurse do I qualify I work for a NHS practice
Mski - 2-Feb-19 @ 7:04 AM
We had an advance to buy a property in 2005 from a scheme administered by Keystart Housing Association and funded by the Housing Coporation. We received letter 2 to 3 years ago stating that the scheme is now being administered by another entity. We cannot find the letter but now need to locate the new administrators. Can anyone help please?
H - 18-Jan-19 @ 1:54 PM
I’m a nursery worker in a day nursery am I a key worker?
Pinks - 5-Jan-19 @ 9:34 AM
I am a maths teacher living in Basildon.Going through a divorce with 2 children.Am I eligible?
James - 25-Dec-18 @ 12:16 PM
Hi, I’m a mental health and learning disability community support worker.. does that count?
Claire - 30-Nov-18 @ 5:54 PM
Hello, I'm registered nurse working in NHS trust, As I'm single mother and my son is Autistic who is been in care home, he is 18,we want he comes home, I tried to get rented house, but as it's only my income, for me and my need house, can you help me
Julie - 30-Sep-18 @ 6:08 PM
Hi thereI am a keyworker (SEND teacher) for a secondary school.in Southwark. I am 60 years old & have COPD. I have to work until I am 67 and would be grateful if you would confirm if I qualify for any type of housing please. At present I am with Clarion Housing in Anerley zone 4. I am struggling with the 3 hours travelling per day for my job.I can provide evidence from employer & doctor.Thank youMrs Moira
Moirati - 29-Jun-18 @ 7:58 PM
I'm a qualified Carer am I classed as a key worker? Thanks in advance
Cath - 27-Jun-18 @ 4:30 PM
Hi there I’m an administrator for NHS am I able for key worker property .
Bob - 9-Jun-18 @ 10:25 AM
I am a teaching assistant..Am I eligible for keyworker housing scheme
sweta - 17-May-18 @ 9:02 PM
Hi, I’m an Ambulance care assistant and my husband is a prison custody officer are we keyworkers or at least one of us? And how would we go about applying to rent a property we currently private rent but it now only on a month to month basis, we want to adopt a child but was told we can’t at the moment as we haven’t got proof/security of renting for 2 years or longer which is another big disappointment for us. Can anyone help or give us any advice please Many thanks.
Kim savage - 11-May-18 @ 9:04 PM
Would I get help getting housing association, I'm a Children's Home Practitioner?We are being evicted from our property due to Landlord selling up.
Mandy - 17-Apr-18 @ 9:22 PM
I am a peripatetic music teacher working in schools through a music service. I have a teachers pension as part of my job. Would I be eligible for a home?
Russell - 10-Mar-18 @ 2:28 PM
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