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Affording a Mortgage
Affording a Mortgage: Traditional Methods of Lending, Affordability...
Case Studies
Case Studies: My Parents Helped Me Buy: A Case Study, Applying for the Government's...
Co-Ownership: Shared Ownership Homes, Why Choose Co-Ownership?, What Are My...
Different Regions
Different Regions: Affordable Homes in the North of England, Affordable Homes in South...
Finding Homes
Finding Homes: First Time Buyers' Options, The Legalities of Buying an Affordable...
HomeBuy Schemes
HomeBuy Schemes: What is a Home Information Pack?, The Open Market Home Buy Scheme,...
Problems: Low Income Housing, What if Your Home is Repossessed?, Effect of a...
Questionnaires: Questionnaire: Do You Qualify for Government Help?, Questionnaire:...
The Government
The Government: Possession Orders, Building Affordable Homes on Brown Field Sites,...
Latest Comments
  • Clarity Jane
    Re: What Are My Responsibilities Under Shared Ownership
    I'm confused, one answer re housing association says the shared owner/renter is responsible for…
    19 February 2017
  • katy1990
    Re: Selling Your Shared Ownership Property
    Hi I bought 55% share of my house in march 2016, circumstances have changed and me and my partner are wanting to…
    15 February 2017
  • george
    Re: The Right to Acquire Scheme
    is there a maximum amount on what you earn in order to qualify to right to acquire?
    12 February 2017
  • Jilly
    Re: Buying Your Council House
    Hi i have been a council tenent for nearly 30yrs i would like to buy when i first moved it was council then taken over by s.h.a i have…
    10 February 2017
  • AffordableHomeAdvice
    Re: Selling Your Shared Ownership Property
    Jb - Your Question:I own 40% of my SO property. It has increased in value by around £30k. Do I have to share the…
    9 February 2017
  • Max
    Re: The Right to Acquire Scheme
    I have received a valuation from my housing association under the right to acquire scheme. I have also received a £9000 discount.…
    7 February 2017
  • kaz
    Re: The Right to Buy Scheme
    When are the Right to Acquire changes going to be implemented - giving the same discount rights as those who have the right to buy? This…
    2 February 2017
  • Wend
    Re: Low Income Housing
    Hi my partner and I have recently been evicted from a rented house in Northamptonshire and have decided to move back to Hertfordshire to be…
    1 February 2017
  • Jake
    Re: Buying Your Council House
    My mother said she did the right to buy on a previous house and said she can not do it twice is this true
    30 January 2017
  • greta
    Re: Selling Your Shared Ownership Property
    Hi, looking for some (legal) advice here. 10 years ago I bought 100% of a previous shared ownership property and I…
    26 January 2017
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